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Stories to terrorize your children

I like it. I find it humorous but a lot of lesson though

Simon Read


On my bookshelf sits a copy of Struwwelpeter, one of the most disturbing books for children ever put in print. It’s been around since 1845, first published in Germany, and features illustrated rhymes that stress the terrible consequences of bad behavior. There’s the story of Harriet, who burns to death while playing with matches; and Augustus, consigned to an early grave after refusing to eat his dinner night after night.

The story that truly horrified me as a child, however, was that of “Little Suck-a-Thumb.” Young Conrad is a chronic thumb sucker. One day his mother goes off to market and tells him before leaving, “Don’t suck your thumb while I’m away. The great tall tailor always comes to little boys who suck their thumbs.” The tailor in question is “The Great, Long, Red-Legged Scissor Man,” who likes to cut children’s thumbs with his giant scissors. You can guess…

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In the literary trenches

geographical imaginations


Until now, my knowledge of the French experience on the Western Front has been largely confined to Henri Barbusse’s Under Fire.  I was particularly taken by his striking evocation of the materiality of war – of the ‘slimescape’ – which features in ‘Gabriel’s Map’ and ‘The Natures of War’ (both soon to be available in written form):

The earth! It is a vast and water-logged desert that begins to take shape under the long-drawn desolation of daybreak. There are pools and gullies where the bitter breath of earliest morning nips the water and sets it a-shiver; tracks traced by the troops and the convoys of the night in these barren fields, the lines of ruts that glisten in the weak light like steel rails, mud-masses with broken stakes protruding from them, ruined trestles, and bushes of wire in tangled coils. With its slime-beds and puddles, the plain might be…

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The power of solitude

The First Gate

Beside the Dalai Lama, Pema Chödrön is probably the most widely known practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in New York City, she was ordained as a nun in 1974 and has written several popular books on Buddhist practice, including When Things Fall Apart (1996), The Places That Scare You (2001), and Start Where You Are (2004).

In 2006, Bill Moyers talked with Pema Chödrön as part of his Faith and Reason series. Here is the full interview, and below is segment, lasting just under five minutes. Chödrön, who spent a year in silent retreat, says everyone needs periods of solitude in life, even if just a brief time every day. Distraction, she says, is not just our phones and gadgets, but the distracted state of our ordinary minds. Just a little time out from this allows us to re-engage our lives with a “more spacious” awareness, and this makes it profoundly valuable.

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Heirs to The Demon Kings – a novel by Sarah Cawkwell

Judge-Tutor Semple

Heirs of The Demon King - Uprising Heirs to the Demon King: Uprising

A novel by Sarah Cawkwell

Published by Abaddon Books
paperback and ebook
North America on May 27th
UK and Ireland on 5th June.

Following the discovery of the body of King Richard III interest in him has peaked. He is a king that has had a rather interesting place in British history. Defeated in battle at Bosworth Field, 22 August 1485, by Henry Tudor he was the last of the Plantagenet kings. Buried in Greyfriars Church, now under the foundations of a car park.

Being a Yorkshireman myself when I heard about this book I was instantly intrigued. This isn’t a work of historical fiction. This story is set in an alternate reality.

So imagine if you will that on that day that Richard didn’t lose… what then for the future of England without Henry VII? No Henry VIII or any of his…

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The Journey of Justine

industrial erotic

‘One need but be mildly jaded, and all these infamies assume a richer meaning; satisfy inspires them…’ A morbid flowering of the imagination, a substitute for reality. An innocent girl called Justine is thrust upon the world after the death of her mother and the failure of her father to provide a living for them. Shortly after this ordeal she is picked up by wealthy banker and is seconds away from a night of rape and torture, to be saved by a premature orgasm. Condemned for a crime she did not commit, she manages to escape, only to fall into the hands of a band of robbers. Turn after turn each man commit various perverse acts upon her body, leaving her virginity untouched. And so her misfortune continues. She falls into the hands of a homosexual, de Bressac, revelling in the hope that her body will remain her own. His…

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Spanking Needs

Wet Bliss


Spankings satisfy mysterious needs, and serve as a punishment reminder

Pain cracked in love miraculously morphs into a unthinkable pleasure

Anchors me in the present, and under your unyielding hand I find my center

Nothing else matters, lost in your skillful touch the outside world falls away

Keep a rhythm that I can’t anticipate or flinch away, break through my resistance

Illicit responses beyond my control, which I entrust in you to unfold and regulate

Nicely color and warm my ass, so that I am fully sensitized to gentle movements swung in the air

Growing hope leaks from my folds and trickles down with every reverberating smack

Nudge thighs open wide to expose my effervescent, glistening sex

Explore the tranquility before letting loose the beast to enjoy the feast

Enrapture sweeps us up together in an all-consuming desire stimulating…

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